All photos by Jeff Christensen

Bowen Beer Bottle Band behind the scenes time lapse video:

Sheet music on the wall:





14 responses to “Photos

  1. darrahbeasley

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t know what it was but until I heard your song this morning the Christmas spirit has skipped our house this year. Thanks for the smiles! Merry Christmas!

  2. You blew my Christmas socks off. I cheered and clapped. That was a lot of hard practising and patience. We tried to do a number back in the Skiffle Board days, and never succeeded well. My delighted thanks to each and everyone of you. Outstanding!

  3. Tanya

    This is so great, and super fun to watch!

  4. Mary Alice Beer

    For some unknown reason I really connected to this site and have to wonder why…
    Seriouly fun..

    Mary Alice Beer

  5. My wife got the news Christmas eve that her Grandfather had just passed away. I found you guys and played this with the volume up. She came in the room with a grin on her face which quickly turned into a warm smile! Thank You.

  6. geoweb

    Awesome, to tree planters everywhere – this buds for you …

  7. John Kay

    I would like to form a bottle band. Where is info. on how-to and what’s necessary to write/play the music?



    • Hey John,

      Unfortunately no “how-to” out there. I can give you a head start though…
      1. Drink LOTS of beer. And don’t forget to drink larger beers (i.e. Chimay) so you can have some bass notes.
      2. Save the bottles (don’t drink so much that you forget to save the bottles).
      3. Write an arrangement so that everyone in the band will be responsible for playing two notes (I would elaborate on this part, but it would take pages and pages).
      4. Invite musically-inclined friends over to play said arrangement. I’ve found that it helps if you bribe them with dinner and drinks.

      • John Kuykendall

        Thanks for your reply!!
        There are three of us buddies who are musical, sorta. We have worked out the chorus to “Jingle Bells” right well. It does take time! The idea of each person using two bottles is a great help. We do have two large wine bottles that we set the tempo with before the song starts. We have numbered the bottles and have written ‘music’ using those numbers. It works right well but surely we’ll evolve into something better; here’s hoping. Such a delight and we look for more info. in the future!

        Thanks ever so much,


      • Wow…you weren’t kidding! And yes…it takes a bit of time and brainpower to figure out the parts/arrangement (no magic formula there). But it sounds like you guys are well on your way!

  8. Ray Smith

    You guys rock!!! I have been terribly depressed lately with the passing of my dog, but this literally made me laugh and then cry tears of joy. Thank you Bowen Beer Bottle Band!!! Many cheers for the future!!!

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